About Us

Hamrick & Haynes is a fast rising modern country duo from Northeast Georgia and Metro Atlanta Area. Chris Hamrick and Nick Haynes came together with an organic passion for playing popular country covers and originals sparking a new niche sound in the country music market. Some of their most recent originals include Second Time, Malibu, Livin or Dyin and Blame It On Me. Fans enjoy their banter and comradery on the stage as well as their down to earth interaction off-stage.  

What Inspires Us

Despite sharing many different interests, Hamrick & Haynes faith in each other and their community is the cornerstone of their passion and success. H&H inspiration developed through their individual families, friends and life experiences, as well Chris and Nick focusing on the simple model of loving people, loving God, being present, and keeping it light. 

Our Influences

Hamrick & Haynes taste and style of song preferences originated from their diversity of playing and listening to multiple styles and genres of music including: modern country, classic country, gospel, rock, classic rock, hip hop and others. They would both agree that their favorite all time song and vehicle nick-names are the same, which are respectively 'Round Here' by Counting Crows and Bessy.